Focus of the NRW Nano-Conference 2016


This year`s NRW Nano-Conference focuses on the main topics New Materials, Health, Energy, Business Model Nanotechnology, Safety & Society and last but not least, Electronics.

Among national and international top-class speakers, this year, again, the “Call for Presentations”, and for the first time the “Call for Posters”, will give interested persons who are enthusiastic about future technologies and new insights of nanotechnology, the chance to present their projects and ideas at the event.


1. Health

Demographic development is a major challenge for the health sector. Innovative, nanotechnology-based approaches in regenerative medicine and diagnostic analysis form the basis of future individual therapies. In the field of pharmacy, nanotechnological applications have become increasingly important in the field of drug design and delivery. Medical technology and medical products offer a wide range of optimized procedures based on nanotechnology to maintain and promote health. Nano-health will be dealt with in the first session.


2. Electronics

Information and communication technologies have become a decisive factor for industry and the society as a whole. The continuing process of miniaturization as described by Moore’s Law has neared its physical limits. New concepts of nano-electronics have to follow a “More than Moore” strategy to open upinnovative solutions for entirely new system architectures as well as quantum information technology. In contrast, many products of organic electronics have already found their way into everyday life. Nanotechnology and its applications in electronics / optoelectronics will be the theme of the second session.


3. New Materials

New materials and optimized materials form the basis of two-thirds of all innovations. Because of this, new materials have an enormous impact on future markets and technological advancement. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, nanotechnology creates new impulses for the development of innovative materials and their applications, which are presented in the third session.


4. Safety & Societal Acceptance

Every new technology involves new challenges for mankind and the environment. Risks and hazards must be analysed and socially relevant issues have to be considered adequately. The industrial use of nanomaterials requires an analysis of potential risks related to workplace, end users and the environment. For this reason, a number of projects in industry and universities are relating to safe handling of nanotechnology. The results of these projects and ideas are presented in the fourth session.


5. Energy

Efficient use, conversion, transmission and storage of energy are crucial to enable a long term breakthrough of renewable energy sources. But also the conventional energy supply benefits from numerous research approaches of nanotechnology. This and much more about nano-energy will be the focus of the fifth session.


6. Nanotechnology as a Business Model

Successful entrepreneurs talk about their business cases and describe their view of what makes them and their developed nanotechnology products so successful – from the very first idea via business development and research collaborations to successful commercialisation. In this session young researchers and young entrepreneurs, who have developed an outstanding nanotechnology-based product or process and want to commercialize it, will get insight in strategies of successful corporate development, in marketing and potential uncertainties. This session also provides impetus for young entrepreneurs and founders with a view to successful financing and business strategies for self-employment.

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